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Do you feel like a failure at work or at home?
Do you have a hard time saying no to requests from others, even when it completely inconveniences you or conflicts with your better judgement?
Do you worry needlessly about being judged or rejected by others?
Are you reluctant to get too close to other people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you aren’t quite living the life you thought you would be living by this time.

Maybe you obsess about what you did or didn’t do or say when out with friends or in a professional meeting at work. Or, maybe you and your partner argue about the same things repeatedly, becoming more and more distant with one another. Perhaps you have experienced some type of trauma in your life and feel like it is holding you back in some way or believe you lost the love of your life and can’t move on. Regardless of which of these issues you are struggling with, you are struggling.

So, you have been dealing with these struggles for awhile now. Maybe you have tried to handle them on your own-by journaling, working out, changing your eating habits, reading self-help books, or going to yoga. You’ve reached out to others-your pastor, friends, or even another therapist. Maybe you’ve even attended a spiritual or couples workshop. And it helped for a while, until it didn’t-or not enough anyway. You became discouraged and felt like giving up. You turned to less healthy options, sliding back into bad habits, such as overworking, eating too much, zoning out in front of the TV, or drinking just a bit too much wine. Maybe you even had an affair. And now you are trying to pick up the pieces.

Well, I want more for you and believe you can have it. How can I solve your problem? By offering you specific, highly evidenced based therapeutic approaches for either individual or couples therapy that will get to the ROOT of these issues and help you to heal both more thoroughly and in a faster time than traditional therapy.

I am Certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, which goes deeper than traditional talk therapy and can often heal deep rooted issues that have not been receptive to other therapy approaches. I also have specialized training in Emotionally Focused therapy for couples, which is a highly effective approach to couples therapy. Many of my clients who have been willing to utilize these approaches comment that, although they have been to therapy before with excellent therapists, they have gotten farther, faster with me. I combine these approaches with other therapeutic modalities to maximize effectiveness.

Therapy can help! Ready to take the next step?

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Diane Gaston, LCSW
License: 27462 California

I am an Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a BA in Psychology and an MA in Social Work. I specialize in EMDR therapy.

Welcome to my website! I know reaching out for help in dark times can be one of the most difficult decisions one can make, so I want you to feel safe and welcome from the moment you enter my waiting room.

Many of my clients are coming to therapy with years of experiences that have culminated in beliefs, such as “I am not good enough” or “I am unlovable”. Others feel powerless, believing that nothing they do is ever going to change their feelings or circumstances.

I provide my clients with hope, as well as new and healthier perspectives of viewing themselves, the world, and others. I also help my clients to let go of passive or aggressive communication styles and develop more assertive communication skills, so that they can get their needs met more effectively. AND, as the therapeutic relationship is the core of all things in therapy, I bring my authenticity and support as well as specific tools to improve lives.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a BA in Psychology and an MA in Social Work. I have over 20 years of counseling experience and over 10 years of experience providing individual and couples therapy. I have worked in a wide variety of settings, including community mental health agencies, supportive housing, a residential facility, schools, a partial hospitalization program, and private practice. I have also been a Clinical Supervisor in two of those settings. I have worked with clients ages 2-80 years old, and although I no longer work with children, my previous experience working with children and families has greatly enhanced my understanding of the family system and human development throughout the lifespan.

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Diane Gaston utilizes an approach to therapy that emphasizes all aspects of the individual, including the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical. I specialize in PTSD trauma therapy long beach working with those who have affected and held back by past trauma and/or adverse life events. I also work individually and with couples who wish to improve their relationships.